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Name:A Community for Cara/Kahlan Shippers
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Your one stop shop for all things Cara/Kahlan

cap courtesy of TVScreencaps, brushes from ~kward1979uk (deviantart)

This is a place for any and all Cara/Kahlan related topics from the Sword of Truth Series. Anything ranging from fics, art, icons, mixes, discussion, to good old fashioned squee are absolutely welcome. Open to one and all, for those that love the pairing from the tv show or the books or both.

Also, be sure to visit our sister com lots_women over on LJ for even more Cara/Kahlan goodness (and many other awesome Legend of the Seeker femslash pairings!)

1. Please use proper subject lines for fic, art, and mixes. Sample format:
Type (fanfic/fanmix/fanart) - Title - Author - Rating

2. Please use proper headers for fic, art, mixes, etc.. Sample format:

2. Please remember to cut for any spoilers pertaining to either the show or the books.

3. Also, please remember to cut-tag for all longer discussions and fanworks.

4. Have fun celebrating the awesomeness that is Cara/Kahlan! :D
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